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Online-Registration FilkCONtinental 2017
September 29th - October 02nd, 2017 in the Youth Hostel Wernigerode, Germany

The event is already sold out. If you are willing to come even on short notice, please fill out the form below . Sometimes people have to cancel and then we will be able to offer their place to you. As this you will be placed on the standby list, please do NOT send any money unless we confirmed that we got an attendee slot for you!

Last name:
First name:
Zip/Post code:
City, State/Province:
Date of birth:
Note: If you will be under the age of 18 on September 30th 2017, print out a registration form, fill it in and mail it to us signed by your parents. Unfortunately we cannot accept direct applications by minors.
 This is my first FilkCONtinental
 I would like to join the waiting list, if the con is fully booked!

Accommodation: including room, visitor's tax, meals, and bed linen:
 Friday - Sunday: 79 EUR
 Friday - Monday: 103 EUR
 Friday - Tuesday: 138 EUR

 Children (3-5 yrs): Friday - Sunday: 41 EUR
 Children (6-10 yrs): Friday - Sunday: 48 EUR
 Children (11-17 yrs): Friday - Sunday: 77 EUR

 Children (3-5 yrs): Friday - Monday: 53 EUR
 Children (6-10 yrs): Friday - Monday: 61 EUR
 Children (11-17 yrs): Friday - Monday: 99 EUR

 Children (3-5 yrs): Friday - Tuesday: 71 EUR
 Children (6-10 yrs): Friday - Tuesday: 80 EUR
 Children (11-17 yrs): Friday - Tuesday: 133 EUR

Convention membership:
 50 EUR
 15 / 20 EUR supporting (PR's, badge and programme book will be sent to you)
 2 EUR Children (children free of charge up to sixteen years of age, 2 EUR for the Conbadge)
 0 EUR (for babies without Conbadge or Guests)  

 I am ready to pay for child minding.
The price depends on the number of children and the complete costs for a child minder. This will only happen if enough children attend and enter the child minding programme. All parents will be contacted after registration is finished.
 Small children (Badge) 2 EUR
 Cuddle toy (Badge) 2 EUR
Kid or cuddly toy badge name: 
 If possible, I would like to share a room with:
 Do not put me in a mixed-sex room.
 If possible, I would like to get a single room! (Additional fee for single room: 10 EUR per night*)
 If possible, I would like to get a double room! (Additional fee for double room: 5 EUR per night*)
* Since there is only a small contingency of single or twin rooms, we have to prioritize depending on individual needs (guests, small children, health problems). If, afterwards, single or twin rooms are available, we will contact people who asked for those rooms, shortly before the con. Only then, the additional fee is charged!

 Please provide vegetarian meals.
 Allergies or other dietary requirements:
I am interested in a con souvenir. This is not a commitment to buy.
 Yes, price is no object
 Yes, EUR 15.00 at the most EUR
 No, not interested
 don't know yet - depends on what it is...
Total: EUR

 Germany: bank transfer: please contact us for details - bank transfers usually are VERY expensive from outside Germany.
BANK ACCOUNT: Receiver: Kirstin Tanger, (IBAN and BIC on request!)
Purpose: FilkCONtinental 2017 and your (civil) NAME.  
 USA: check: please contact us for details. (For USA citizens - we can clear checks via Kerstin Macdonald)
 will pay through (send it to Kirstin's account. Please, add a fee of 8 %)
 cash (if you meet Kirstin within the next 2 weeks, so you can give it to her)
 paid (you already paid the amount within the last 2 weeks at a convention/house filk etc. and promised to give the registration later)
 I'm interested in a half-hour concert spot.
 I do not want any recordings of my songs made at the con.
 I kindly ask that you do NOT put up photos of me on the convention's online photo gallery.
 Due to health reasons, I can NOT help with small tasks at con (allergies, general medical condition, surgery, pregnancy etc. We will also not ask mothers with children or other obvious cases which we cannot think of at this point.)
Please use the comment box for comments on how you'd like to help or copy the helper form posted in the forum (message board) and e-mail it to helfer @

 I would be willing to spend some time at the convention looking after children
Please use the comment box below.

Suggestions for program items:

(If you have a good idea that won't fit in this box, please contact FilkCONtinental directly.)
I will travel by:
           I can offer a ride for people.
          I am looking for a rideshare.
Where did you hear about FilkCONtinental?
Comment box: other comments, wishes, suggestions:

 By ticking here, I am committing to registration for FilkContinental 2017. I understand that I can withdraw my registration only through June 30, 2017. Payments are not refundable after that date. Memberships may be reassigned to a third party through the registration closing date. I have read and accepted the rules and conditions.
Parent or guardian must sign a printed registration form if you are under 18 on October 2nd, 2017!



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