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Timo Vuorensola auf der Premiere in Berlin / Foto: Kirstin Tanger

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21. März 2019

Timo Vuorensola - Iron Sky Lives On (english)


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(Interview in englischer Sprache)
At the the end of the first Iron Sky movie the earthen politicians decided to blow up planet earth - much to the dismay of the Moon Nazis that wanted to conquer it, and to that of the Lizard men that intended to rule it.

Timo Vuorensola again grouped his trusted team of craziness and created another round of craziness. So we wanted to know what was different compared to the first big movie.

As already in his trailers he did not exactly show overly much respect for authoritan leader figures like Trump, Putin or North Korea - did he encounter any recuperussions? And how is writing satire still possible if the world already is so absurd?

Connecting to our other interview: how did they approach such a distinguished actor as Udo Kier? And how was working with him? (be prepared for a surprise over there)

And as the movie structure differs quite a bit from the first Iron Sky: what changed in writing? How did the story evolve?

And what can we expect from Timo and his team in the future (hint: there is more, much more...)

Interview zum Director's Cut

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